Why Do I Get Headaches After Oil Pulling?

If you've ordered your Coco Rinse and have started oil pulling regularly, that's great! You may have already started to notice some of the benefits of oil pulling, but may have also experienced a few headaches. What's that you ask? "But oil pulling is supposed to decrease headaches, not give you more headaches right?" Well, yes. But if you’ve experienced new or increased headaches from oil pulling- don’t worry. This is actually very common and will go away soon. 

Why Am I Getting Headaches?

In fact, if you are experiencing headaches this is a good thing! This means your body is detoxifying itself and our Coco Rinse is doing its job. Because many toxins are not water soluble but are fat soluble, they bind to the oils in coconut oil and are expelled when you spit the oil out. By pulling out the toxins in your mouth and body you might notice some minor side effects such as headaches or bloating from the detox you are undergoing. This is common and usually only lasts about three days at the most. Again, try to see the bright side- you are on your way to a detoxed body and a healthier smile!

Less Headaches Over Time

Over time, your oil pulling headaches will stop altogether (like we said, they usually only happen during the first few days).  As you continue to oil pull you should also notice that you get fewer headaches than you used to before.  The bottom line is, don’t worry if you notice a slight headache after oil pulling. That means Coco Rinse is working for you! Keep it up and you will continue to reap more and more benefits as you continue on your oil pulling journey.