4 Reasons We Love Our Flower Child Mist Spray and Why It’s a Spring Essential!

By Caelan Cross

Now that we are well into Spring, we are welcoming the season that follows winter and leads us in to summer with open arms! The flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer, and there is suddenly more opportunity for outdoor activities after a long day of work. We like to be able to take advantage of these beautiful spring days while maintaining healthy fresh moisturized skin. Our floral mist spray, Flower Child is a wonderful natural blend of botanicals that easily moisturizes skin and forms a protective barrier to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Here are 4 reasons why Flower Child is the perfect sidekick for your spring adventures!

  1. Great for before and after you exercise! The peppermint side of this floral blend is an invigorating aroma can that both energize and soothe. Whether it’s hiking, biking, taking your dog for an extra long walk, or just hanging out in the park, Flower Child is a great all natural way to use essential oils to your advantage this spring.

  2. Bring the outdoors indoors! Nothing beats the breeze of a beautiful spring day, but Flower Child’s wonderful blend of Rose and Peppermint embodies the essence of spring time, and can fill a room with a wonderful crisp aroma without using any harmful perfumes. It makes for a nice linen spray as well. Flower Child is a nice scent to gently fall asleep to.

  3. Portability! Flower Child’s aesthetic and classy bottle is the perfect size to fit into virtually any purse, gym bag, or backpack. We like to keep one with us for after our workouts to spray once or twice before going home and showering. It’s the perfect solution for maintaining healthy and fresh feeling skin even after a sweaty encounter.

  4. Versatility! The benefits of using natural essential oil and floral water blends in your skin care routine are endless. Flower Child’s moisturizing and hydrating properties are just the tip of the ice-cream cone (spring time pun). Rose floral water is not only extremely soothing for dry or sensitive skin, but it is also regenerating for mature skin. Peppermint’s great cooling action can be used to ease affects of sunburns, and can reduce itching from bug bites when sprayed on to the skin. It can be used to relax or energize, maintain healthy toned skin, prevent inflammation and puffiness, and refresh and help to eliminate free radicals from the skin.

We hope you will enjoy Flower Child as much as we do!