Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter

Is there anything more frustrating than spending a ton of money on a moisturizer, only to find out it doesn’t, in fact, moisturize? Or have you ever wondered why a moisturizer works so well, only to look into the ingredients and find out they aren’t very good for you? We feel you. We’ve been there before too... a few too many times that we want to admit to. Finally, we said no more and started to look into healthier, all natural alternatives. 


Of course, coconut oil is one of our favourite natural ingredients to use on our skin. Below we’ve included our all time favourite recipe for coconut oil based moisturizer.  We love this recipe because it is so simple. Only requiring one ingredient and taking only 5 minutes to make, it doesn’t get any simpler than that!


Whipped Coconut Oil Butter


Ingredient (seriously, theres only one)

1 cup coconut oil



Put coconut oil into a mixing bowl. Make sure you don’t heat it up as you need to leave it in solid form for the “whipping” to work.  Using an electric mixer (such as your Kitchen Aid) or hand held mixer, mix the coconut oil until it is whipped into a light consistency and looks almost like whipped cream. 


Pour into a jar and keep at room temperature. Enjoy!


Tip: This is a great gift for family and friends! Feel free to add essential oils to create a delicious scent and add a personal touch by pouring into cute glass jars.