Where to Buy Quality Coconut Oil

You already know we’re huge fans of coconut oil. It is such a versatile oil and has many uses. Whether it’s used in cooking, baking, beauty products, lotions, sunscreens, or even for oil pulling (our personal favourite version!), coconut oil can really be used for anything. 


Where to Buy It


So where do you buy it? Well aside from here on our website, coconut oil is most commonly found in natural health stores and grocery stores, such as Whole Foods. If you’re an avid online shopper, there are also a number of businesses that sell coconut oil online in different forms for different uses. 


What to Look For


Trust us as we speak from personal experience: When looking to buy a coconut oil, it is important to make sure you know what exactly is in the product and where it came from. Make sure your coconut oil is first and foremost, organic. It is also important for it to be raw and unrefined. You will know if your coconut oil is refined as the smell and taste will not be as strong as unrefined coconut oil. Kind of defeats the purpose of buying coconut oil doesn't it?


Finally, look for products that are non-GMO, and are fair trade. Try to choose companies that ethically source and harvest their coconut oil. While it might be slightly pricier, it is worth it (for your peace of mind, and the planet!) in the end. It was so important to us to have the best quality coconut oil, hence our coconut oil being raw, virgin, organic, cold-pressed, non-GMO, and fair trade. 


Whether you buy your coconut online or in store, make sure you know where it comes from and what is in it. Keep a constant stock on hand because as we all know, coconut oil has many uses! How do you use it? Where do you think is the best place to buy your coconut oil?