What Is Witch Hazel and How Can You Benefit From It?

By Marion Shaw


Here at Kismet, we are getting pretty excited about the future.  As you know, we are all about treating and improving wellness using and combining natural substances.  Our backroom elves are busy creating two new products, which you will love for your skin that use the healing power of Witch Hazel.


We all know that Witch Hazel has been used for many years for treating many skin conditions and two of the new products to be released feature this wonderful natural extract.


What is Witch Hazel?


Witch Hazel is a type of plant, (known by its Latin species name of Hamamelis virginiana,) sometimes also called Winterbloom, which is native to North America and Asia and has been used by the North American Indians for hundreds of years for treating swelling, sores and infections.  It is by far one of the most beneficial botanicals for your skin and can be used in many ways for treating the following conditions:


  • acne
  • skin sores
  • bruises
  • redness and swelling
  • ingrown hairs
  • psoriasis or eczema
  • oily skin
  • cracked or blistered skin
  • insect bites
  • poison ivy
  • irritated scalp
  • sun damage and melanoma
  • razor burn
  • allergic reactions


How Does It Work?


The bark, leaves and twigs of the plant are used to extract the natural healing agents.  These are then mixed with distilled water, (or sometimes alcohol- but don't worry, our witch hazel is alcohol free!), which puts them into a useable state.  The preparations are sometimes known as Hamamelis Water.  One of the important extracts are tannins, which give this wonderful mixture its astringent properties, making it a very effective treatment for many skin disorders.  


If you or your teenagers suffer from acne it is definitely a “must have” for your bathroom cabinet.  Acne is a hormonal condition which produces excesses of oils, blocking the pores, trapping bacteria and causing infections.  Witch Hazel dissolves the oils and leaves the skin feeling clean and fresh.  It’s anti bacterial qualities also treat those infections caused by acne.


We have all heard of the damage that is caused by free radicals.  These are formed on the skin when it is exposed to excess UV rays, (never forget your sunscreen,) and other various pollutants, as well as poor diet and stress.  Eliminating those free radicals will protect the cells and can inhibit the growth of abnormal cells, as in various types of skincancer from simple basal cell to melanoma.  Since Witch Hazel can help to fight free radicals, we can’t think of a better excuse to use Witch Hazel daily.


We can't get enough of Witch Hazel and it's amazing benefits, which is why we've decided to feature it in our newest products, which will be released soon for Spring 2017! Come back and visit our website often and watch for the announcement of their release!


Paul Baluch