How Can Oil Pulling and Tongue Scraping Improve Your Oral Health?

By Marion Shaw

We all know how important oral health is for your overall health.  That regular checkup and clean at the dentist is essential and if you watch all of those commercials on TV you will also know that having blinding white teeth has become a fashion statement. 

Some of the essentials for white teeth and fresh breath are easy.  Brushing and flossing twice a day along with mouthwash are traditionally the way to fresh breath, however, there is another way; using our Coco Rinse Oil Pulling Kit and a tongue scraper.

If you’ve never tried Coco Rinse, our oil pulling kit, you definitely should check it out.  It’s simple and easy to use and has many health benefits.  This is called “Oil Pulling” and has been used for centuries to clean teeth and freshen breath.  Our Coco Rinse is a combination of coconut oil flavored with organic mint.  To use, simply squeeze the packet of the rinse into your mouth and swish around for about 10 minutes.  This process is known to clean the teeth, gradually whitening them with continued use, but even more important is the elimination of plaque and tartar that gradually build up on the teeth.  This makes that trip to the dentist much more pleasant as the chipping and scraping will be greatly reduced.

Most people tend to concentrate their daily routine on the teeth. However, what about your tongue?  

Stick out your tongue and say…yuck? No one ever said tongues were pretty. And maybe that’s why they’re sometimes neglected when it comes to oral health. But your tongue is an important part of your mouth, and you should always include it in your hygiene routine. Your tongue is not a smooth surface.  It is covered in little bumps which makes it feel rough and this can harbor many bacteria which, if left alone, can lead to infections and can turn the tongue white or yellow,  definitely yuck!  Bacteria can also lead to bad breath and can change the sense of taste.

One very important point is to examine your tongue regularly.  Look for unusual texture or red spots.  2400 Canadians per year are diagnosed with oral cancer.  Ask your dentist to check your tongue is he/she is not already doing it.

So how do you take care of your tongue? Remember to brush it daily, but another way is to buy a tongue scraper.  A daily scrape will clean away any film on the tongue, get rid of bacteria and keep your tongue healthy. Just remember, do not scrape too hard or you may actually injure it.

Want the fresh breath dream team?  Pick up our Coco Rinse and a Tongue Scraper, (hmmmaybe we should make one of those!) swish and scrape and enjoy your healthy mouth and minty fresh breath.

Paul Baluch