How to Use Rosemary Essential Oil to Benefit Your Body

By Marion Shaw


Unleash The Power of Rosemary!


Have you noticed that we seem to have a slight obsession with all-natural products?  That’s because here at Kismet Essentials we understand the great benefits and power that many common plants, flowers and oils can have on our daily lives.  All of our products contain only the finest and most pure natural ingredients and Rosemary essential oil is no exception.  

But there’s more to Rosemary than a clean, fresh, woodsy aroma.  Did you know that Rosemary is part of the mint family? Used in North America and many European countries for cooking purposes, it will fill your kitchen with a wonderful scent.  Whether you use it for cooking or for its many health benefits, keep reading to find out how to use Rosemary essential oil to benefit your body.


Here are some of the reasons we love to use Rosemary Essential Oil on a daily basis:


1. Focus Your Mind:  Try adding ¼ cup of our Chill Salt Soak to your bath and inhale that wonderful aroma of Rosemary and Lavender.  Your mind will be focused and calm, giving you a sense of well being.


2. Improve Your Memory:  In ancient Greece, scholars wore Rosemary essential oil when taking exams.  Now if only you could get your teenagers to try this and get straight “A”s!  There have been many studies published in prestigious medical journals proving this great benefit.  (Make sure to check out the International Journal of Neuroscience study of 144 people for more information.)


3. Hair Growth: If you really want long, flowing hair, but it just seems to take so long, try massaging Rosemary essential oil onto your scalp.  It has been tested and proven to increase hair  growth up to 22.4% in some cases!  As an extra bonus it also treats dandruff and dry scalp. Sign us up! If you're interested in learning more about how Rosemary essential oil can help with hair growth, we found a great article on this topic for you here


4. Stress Relief:  As if you needed another reason to add our Chill Salt Soak to your evening bath! But, in all seriousness, Rosemary essential oil is known to lower stress and can help with protection from some of the chronic diseases that can be caused by stress.  Rosemary oil lowers Cortisol, which is known as the stress hormone.  In some cases this hormone is good, (in fact, essential,) however, when the body is under constant stress, too much Cortisol is definitely not good.  Use the aromatherapy effects of Rosemary oil, combined with Lavender oil to lower those levels and prevent many conditions that are caused by stress.


5. Pain Reduction:  If you love getting active, whether that be in the gym or in your garden, but it leaves you with sore and painful muscles, try this great salve.  Mix 2 drops of Rosemary essential oil, 2 drops of Peppermint oil and 1 teaspoon of Coconut oil. (You know how we love our Coconut oil!)  Apply this to the sore muscles and feel the pain slowly ease away.  


6. Deodorant: Mix some apple cider vinegar with Rosemary oil and apply to your underarms.  Bet you didn’t realize you had this natural deodorant in your kitchen all along!


7. Headache Relief:  Headaches and sometimes migraines can be caused by stress and/or your blood vessels contracting.  Try massaging your temples with Rosemary essential oil to increase the blood flow or rub it onto your hands and inhale that wonderful woodsy fragrance for a quick soothing relief.


We hope you enjoyed learning about some of our favorite ways to use Rosemary essential oil and why we feature it in our Chill Salt Soak.  If you happen to pick some up, let us know what other uses and benefits you find!

Paul Baluch