8 Ways to Use Lavender Essential Oil

By Marion Shaw


Lavender, More Than Just A Pretty Flower.


Many of us have that wonderful fragrant plant in our garden, but did you know that there are powerful benefits hidden behind that pretty face?  Keep reading to discover some of our favourite ways to use it. 


1. Sleep Aid:  If you have trouble sleeping, here is a great all-natural solution that will help relax and soothe your busy brain at the end of a long day. We like to put a few drops of Lavender essential oil on our pillow before bedtime and let it’s aroma help us drift off to sleep.  


2. Stress Relief:  Lavender has been used for many years to help relieve stress. Rub a drop of Lavender essential oil between your fingers, and massage into your temples to help relieve stress. Another way we love to use it is in our evening bath with our bath salts, Chill Salt Soak, which also contains Epsom Salts, to help ease your aches and pains and relax your body.  Perfect just before bedtime.


3. Burn Treatment:  For minor burns, Lavender oil will help to ease the pain immediately and help healing.  Often using this natural healer will lessen or, in some cases, eliminate scarring.


4. Head Lice Treatment:  For the Mothers that are sending their children off to school, one of the common challenges can be a head full of lice.  Those nasty little hitchhikers are tough to get rid of, but did you know that they hate lavender?  Mix a few drops of Lavender essential oil with your favorite leave in conditioner to keep them away.  


5. Headache Relief:  If you have a stubborn headache, here’s a simple soothing trick:  Soak a piece of gauze or muslin, or a clean facecloth with icy cold water, add a few drops of Lavender essential oil, and place this cold compress of the forehead.  Relax and feel that stubborn headache gently fade away.


6. Calm Insect Bites:  For mosquito or spider bites, or any nasty insect bite, a direct hit of Lavender oil will take the itching, redness and inflammation away.


7. Moth Repellant:  Do you remember your grandmother had little bags of Lavender flowers hidden in the wardrobe or in clothing drawers?  Well, she really knew what she was doing.  Like many insects, moths will not come near Lavender.  (Except for bees, but they are friendly critters.)  Take Grandma’s advice and pay particular attention to anything wool – that’s what moths like best.


8. Relieve Sinus Congestion:  If you suffer from a stuffy sinus or sinusitis, put 2 drops of Lavender oil and 2 drops of Thyme or Rosemary oil in a bowl of steaming water.  Inhale deeply covering your head with a towel to concentrate the steam.  Now breathe in– what a relief!


Those are just a few great uses of Lavender essential oil. There really are so many different ways to use it as it is so versatile to use, making it one of our absolute favourite essential oils.

Paul Baluch