6 Ways to Use Rose Floral Water

By Marion Shaw

Since we launched Flower Child, it has quickly become one of our best sellers! Not only is the formula made with clean, natural and effective ingredients, but the spray is also super versatile allowing you to use it on your face, body, and even everyday in your home. Let's take a closer look at what makes this mist so special!


Here are the ingredients:


Rose Floral Water:  This soft, gentle and fragrant ingredient is safe for even the most sensitive of skins.  It is also very hydrating, protecting and helping to balance the pH of the skin.  It is also anti-inflammatory, which can help to reduce puffiness.

Peppermint Floral Water:  Not only is this refreshing and energizing but is also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory which blends well with the rose floral water and enhances its benefits.

Witch Hazel: This powerful plant has been used universally for hundreds of years for its healing properties. A great addition to our new spray mists. Our witch hazel does not contain alcohol, so it still acts as a natural astringent without being harsh or irritation on the skin. 

Coconut Oil:   You already know that we are addicted to our coconut oil, so once again it is featured in the Rose Floral Mist spray to add moisture and protection to the skin, along with its many other uses.


 Flower Child is also extremely versatile. Here are 6 Ways you can use it on your skin and in your home. 


  1. Skin Refresher:  Definitely add this to your purse for refreshing and moisturizing throughout the day.  If you work in an air conditioned office, you know how drying that can be for your skin, so why not give it a drink of water on a regular basis.
  2. Natural Fragrance:  If you, or those around you are sensitive to perfume, why not use this light natural spray to give a hint of fragrance that will not only refresh you, but will be less reactive to your sensitive friends.
  3. After Exercise:  When you finish your daily exercise, be it a run or a tennis game, or going to the gym, why not re-energize yourself with the rose floral water.  It’s healthy dose of organic peppermint oil will definitely be a “pick-me-up” to help you recover and carry on with your day.
  4. Sunburn Soother:  Put it in your beach bag to soothe that red, burning skin caused by over exposure to the sun.  We know that sometimes you forget to re-apply the sunscreen, and before you know it you are in danger of becoming a “crispy critter”.  While we all know that prevention is the best measure, if you do happen to get burned, spray with Flower Child to soothe and calm that painful feeling.
  5. Skin Toner:  Because of its pH level, our Rose Floral Water will form a protective barrier for the skin.  Spray on after you cleanse and before moisturizing or sunscreen to not only protect the skin, but also to set the skin up for a better uptake of your moisturizing product.  If you are wearing makeup, spraying after the application will help to set and prolong the freshness of it throughout the day.
  6. General Air Freshener:  Spraying your room and your linens with this lovely rose floral spray will give you that fresh pleasant aroma that says “just washed” and greets your nose every time you enter the room.

There you have it.  Feel free to shop here to check out our Flower Child Floral Mist Spray. We hope you'll love it!

P.S.  Let us know if you think of any more uses – we’d love to hear them!


Paul Baluch