5 Amazing Benefits of Sweet Orange Essential Oil

By Marion Shaw

Here at Kismet Essentials, we LOVE sweet orange essential oil. Keep reading to find out why.

Where does sweet orange essential oil come from?

This intensely fragrant oil is derived from a small evergreen tree.  The oil is extracted from the peel of the fruit and has many benefits, both internally and externally. The fruit itself is small and does not have that bitter membrane under the skin which we are accustomed to in most commercially sold oranges.

How can you use sweet orange essential oil?

1. Aromatherapy: Sweet orange essential oil may be combined with many other aromatherapy oils or on its own.  10 drops in your bath will help to calm and relax your brain.  It is also a mood lifter and is known to be an effective anti-depressant.  It can be used in a diffuser, particularly in the bedroom, to create a restful atmosphere and improve sleep quality.  (Combined with lavender essential oil this is a powerful way to rest and relax.) Organic sweet orange oil is one of the main ingredients in our Organic Coffee Body Scrub because of it's uplifting scent.

2. Massage Oil: This wonderful fragrant oil is also a great addition to your massage or body oil.  It can be combined with almond oil or with coconut oil, both of which have wonderful benefits alone.  

3. As A Face or Body Treatment: Try using sweet orange essential oil as a facial treatment.  If you have dry skin, add a few drops to your moisturizer to boost the effect.  Another benefit is that the oil has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties to fight infections and keep your skin free of blemishes.  

4. Anti-Inflammatory: As an anti-inflammatory this oil may be used internally or externally.  It can relieve the pain of sore muscles or aching knees when simply applied to the troublesome area.  Internally is can soothe the digestive system and relieve gas or bloating, remove toxins or relieve the side effects of anti-biotics or other narcotic substances.  

5. Aphrodisiac: Want to spice up your sex life?  Once again, sweet orange oil can help.  When used on a regular basis, it has been shown to have a mild aphrodisiac effect.

At Kismet we are committed to bringing all natural beneficial products to enhance your health, your beauty and your life. We absolutely love sweet orange essential oil which is why it's one of the main ingredients in our Sweet Orange Coffee Scrub that will definitely be an essential for your beauty routine.  


Paul Baluch