3 Reasons Why Soothe is the Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day

1. It's the gift that keeps on giving.


Is there really any better gift than rest and relaxation? In our mind, probably not. What makes Soothe an awesome gift for Valentines Day is that it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Helping your friend, family, or significant other take some time to themselves to relax in a nice long hot bath after a long week is the ultimate way to show you care.


2. Rose + Ylang Ylang is the ultimate romantic combo

Picture this: Rose petals floating on top of the water while the scent of ylang ylang lulls you into deep relaxation. Add some bubbles, a good book, some rosé….. doesn’t get any better than that! 


3. Its pink….. duh.

Need we say more? Soothe’s beautiful pink colour fits in perfectly with the theme of one of our favourite holidays. Package it in a gift box with some flower, or chocolate, and you’re all set!


Well there you have it! If you’re looking for that last minute Valentines day gift, look no further than Soothe. You can shop it here.