The Benefits of Peppermint Essential Oil

By Marion Shaw


Here at Kismet we love to use essential oils in our products for the many benefits they have.  Today, let’s talk about peppermint essential oil. Apart from having a great aroma, there are so many things it can be used for.  Here are some of them:


  • Soothe Sore Muscles:  Relax in a hot bath and add ¼ cup of our Float Bath Salts.  Feel those aches and pains “float” away.  Peppermint is combined with eucalyptus, Epsom and Dead Sea salts to add minerals, particularly magnesium, that will replenish the body and help to soothe the aches.  For more specific relief, apply peppermint oil directly to the sore muscle.


  • Breath Freshener: Combined with coconut oil, in our Coco Rinse Oil Pulling Kit  peppermint oil is used for the ancient ritual of Oil Pulling (check out this blog post if you're new to oil pulling) Not only will this morning routine leave your teeth bright and white but will combat tartar and plaque build up while leaving your mouth minty fresh and kissable.


  • Sinus Care:  Inhaling diffused Peppermint essential oil will greatly relieve sinus congestion, colds and cough.  It has also been proved to help with asthma and bronchitis symptoms.  


  • Natural Energizer:  Need a boost?  Forget those expensive and sometimes dangerous commercial energy drinks and take a few whiffs of Peppermint essential oil.  Note – This may also improve focus and concentration. 


  • Anti Itch: Peppermint essential oil and Lavender mix together really well for an anti-itch remedy. Combine these two essential oils together to cool and stop the itching of a poison ivy attack or simple rash.  This combination will also reduce inflammation.  Once again, mix the two together and apply directly onto the swollen area.  It will cool and act like a plunge in an ice bath without the nasty shock, reducing the swelling and inflammation.


  • Shampoo Additive:  Try adding 2 – 3 drops of Peppermint essential oil to your regular shampoo along, once again, with it’s old friend Lavender oil to keep the lice away.  Much better to prevent than have to treat with those over the counter preparations.


  • Appetite Suppressant:  Stop the munchies, or keep your appetite at bay by either inhaling diffused Peppermint Oil or rubbing it directly onto your temples.  Those cravings will magically fade away and help in preventing weight gain from overeating or snacking.


  • Bug Repellant: We know that lice hate peppermint oil but so do many other bugs and critters.  Add to the list ticks, ants, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitos and mice.  No need to buy those expensive and nasty chemical sprays.  


  • Digestive Aid:  Peppermint oil is a perfect non drug, but very effective way of improving your digestion.  One drop into a glass of water before your meal will help to reduce bloating and gas and relax the intestinal muscles.  You can also use Peppermint leaves and a drop of Peppermint oil to make a soothing cup of tea.  An added bonus is that this can also relieve nausea.


So there you have our favorite uses of Peppermint Oil, but it’s no surprise that we really love the Float bath salts and the Coco Rinse ones the best.

Paul Baluch