Our Tips for the Perfect Bath Experience

By Marion Shaw


You know how much we love to soak in a bath, and we know that many of you do also.  However, are you making the most of it?


While taking a bath is a soothing experience to look forward to at the end of the day, bathing is not just about getting clean or being in a warm and cozy environment. Here are just a few ways that you can make that soak into something much more:   


  • Allow yourself the time.  Your bath experience should not be rushed or interrupted.  You need to know that you can truly relax without interruptions. Send the kids on a sleepover and lock the bathroom door! 


  • Prepare the environment.  Find your favorite scented candle and your favorite music, turn out the lights and you have a personal oasis in your own bathroom. (Make sure your candle is made of clean burning ingredients!)


  • Of course, one of our favorites is enhancing your bath with bath salts.  These are not just about fragrance, but have so many advantages.  Our Soothe, Chill and Float formulas are all made with high quality salts, sourced from the dead sea, the mountains of the Himalayas and the Pacific ocean, as well as Epsom salts.  These high quality salts will soothe your aching joints and muscles as well as allowing your body to absorb the wealth of minerals that each type of salt contains.  Add ¼ cup of any of Kismet’s Bath Salts to your tub and relax.


  • Use your essential oils.  Because we know how beneficial they are we add lavender and rosemary oils in our Chill bath salt formula for deep relaxation.  Our eucalyptus and mint oils combine in our Float bath salt soak to calm the mind – a wonderful choice before bed.  While, the most heady and luxurious oil, Ylang Ylang, is in our Soothe bath salt soak formula. (Hint – this is the perfect choice for a romantic bath with your loved one.)


  • Enhance with botanicals.  Rose petals are our favorite and we’ve done that for you in our Soothe bath salts.  These amazing flowers will calm and relax while hydrating the skin.  You can use many botanicals in your bath.  You can use lavender, or geranium as well as a sprig of rosemary or mint, however, just make sure to remove the botanicals before draining!


  • Fragrance the room.  You can use either a diffuser or spray for this.  Again, rose works well for either, but any essential oil for relaxation can be used in your diffuser.


Those are some suggestions but we are sure you can think of many more to make your bathtime more soothing and pleasurable.  However, don’t forget to treat yourself after the bath. You know how much we love our coconut oil, so we always make sure to moisturize with it after we get out.  Mmmm feels good!

Paul Baluch