How To Use Rose Floral Water To Improve Your Skin

By Marion Shaw


Roses are known to be the most beautiful and fragrant flowers and, around Valentines Day, are the most romantic (not to mention the most expensive!) However, did you know that roses are used for much more than making a stunning bouquet?  The benefits of using rose extracts for your skin are many and we are proud to inform you that we will shortly be bringing our own version to you in an easy to use spray mist form.


Here are some facts about Rose Extracts:


  • The Rose Florasol, also known as Rose Floral Water, is obtained by an intricate process of steaming small batches of rose buds and petals.  The steam is captured along with those beneficial ingredients including small amounts of Rose essential oil.


  • Rose essential oil is the most expensive of all the essential oils.  Mostly because of the sheer amount of blooms needed to produce the oil.  It takes tens of thousands of blooms, picked in the early morning, to produce 1 ounce of Rose essential oil.


  • Roses come in all shapes, sizes and fragrances.  Just check out your local garden shop and see the hundreds of different varieties.  Two main types of roses are used in making the therapeutic hydrosols and oils.  The rosa damascena originates from Bulgaria and has a deep potent scent, while the rosa centifola, sometimes also known as the cabbage rose, has a lighter cleaner fragrance.


How we love to use Rose floral water to benefit our skin


  • Hydration:  Misting with Rose Floral Water has been proven to significantly moisturize and hydrate the skin for 24 hours.


  • Reduce Puffiness: Spritzing onto a compress and applying to those puffy areas under the eye, will reduce the swelling and leave you looking fresh and rested again.


  • Normalizes the pH:  pH is very important in maintaining the health of the skin.  pH is a measurement of alkalinity or acidity.  The skin’s surface should be maintained at around 4.5pH- 5.5pH which is slightly acidic.  This inhibits the growth of bacteria on the skin and forms a protective layer.  Using harsh soaps tends to strip this away and leave the skin tight and dry.  Rose floral water will return the skins surface to its natural condition, so spray away.


  • Refresh:  Take your spray of Rose floral water with you to refresh and hydrate during the day.  Those air conditioned offices, or being outside in the hot sun will have your skin loving you for a refreshing mist from time to time.


  • Set Make Up:  Want your make up to last longer?  Of course, we all do.  Spritzing your face is the final touch for your make up routine.  You’ll find your make up will look fresher longer.


These are just a few reasons to watch out for our brand new Rose Floral Water spray.  You can also relax and enjoy the aroma of roses right now with our Soothe Bath Salts with its added rose petals. 


Note – Rose Floral Water is suitable for all skin types, but particularly sensitive, dry or aging skin.

Paul Baluch