Bath Bombs vs. Bath Salts

By Marion Shaw


Here at Kismet Essentials, you know how much we love our bathing products, and we also know how many of you love them too.


Many people use Bath Bombs for their luxury bath experience and so we have been looking into how they compare against our Soothe, Chill and Float bath salts.


So here’s the scoop:


Bath Bombs are pretty with lots of psychedelic colors and are fun as they fizz up as they dissolve in your bath water.  But are there any therapeutic benefits to them?  Well, that depends.


What's hidden in your bath bomb?


Most of the commercially made bath bombs are made with artificial colorings, artificial fragrances, citric acid and baking soda, along with some fillers such as corn starch.  There are also additions such as glitter, which can get into places that glitter should not go!  Some do contain fine grained Epsom Salts, which are highly therapeutic. When you toss the bath bomb into the water the baking soda and citric acid create a chemical reaction that fizzes and emits carbon dioxide.  


While there are many recipes that you can make at home where you can add essential oils or other beneficial ingredients to them, the ratios of ingredients can be tough as the smallest over or under use can dramatically change how the bath bomb either holds together or fizzes.  


There are a couple of other things to watch for when using bath bombs, the main challenge is cleaning your bath tub afterwards.  Those psychedelic colors can stain your tub and your towels. You should also rinse well after using the bath bomb. If your skin is sensitive there can be some reaction or irritation from the artificial fragrances used.


Why bath salts come out on top:


Now let’s talk bath salts. Bath salts can come with some pretty beneficial ingredients when they are used correctly. Our collection of bath salts contain only all-natural ingredients such as Epsom salts, Himalayan pink salts, Pacific Sea salt and Dead Sea salts which are all highly effective in banishing aches and pains and soothing sore muscles while imparting their rich supply of minerals to the body. 


The use of essential oils such as ylang-ylang, lavender and rosemary in our Soothe and Chill formulas are relaxing and calming as well as hydrating to the skin, while activated charcoal in our Chill bath salts detoxifies.  We also use rose petals in our Soothe formula which turns your regular bath into a fragrant and hydrating experience.  Our third formula, Float uses mint and eucalyptus to calm and relax the mind.


So there you have it.  While bath bombs are fun and fizzy, bath salts definitely come out on top when it comes to real benefits in your bath.

Paul Baluch