Soothe Salt Soak: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

By Marion Shaw

Most of us look forward to Valentine’s Day with gifts of red roses, chocolates, champagne, scented candles and for the more fortunate, beautiful jewelry.

But here is a luxurious addition to the evening, or for relaxing after going out for a romantic dinner – a soothing bath salt soak.

Check out our Soothe “Soak” Bath Salts, made with Himalayan Pink Salts mixed with Ylang Ylang Essential Oil and Rose Petals to add that special little extra to the Valentine’s Day experience with your loved one.

Let’s start with the Himalayan Pink Salt.  It is a pure ancient mineral laden crystalline salt that will relax, soothe and detoxify your body.  If your muscles are sore and aching, these amazing bath salts will soothe away the soreness leaving you feeling renewed.

Now let’s talk about the Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil incorporated into the bath salts.  It’s heady exotic aroma just whispers luxury and romance.  Well known as an aphrodisiac, what more perfect ingredient to add to your bath?

Lastly, rose petals from the heady Rosa Damascena, will mix with the essential oil and pink salt crystals to create the perfect atmosphere.  Rose petals will also help to keep your skin smooth and glowing as well as adding to that luxurious scent in the air.

To Create the Experience:-

  • Fill your bathtub with warm water, whichever temperature is the most pleasing to your body.
  • Add one quarter cup of Soothe Bath Salts to the water, swish around with your hands to dissolve and release the aromas from the botanical ingredients.  You will notice that there are small pieces of rose petals in the bath salts. 
  • Light some candles and place around the bathing area. (Make sure that if you are using scented candles, choose a fragrance that will not overpower or clash with the aroma of the bath salts.)
  • Open your Heart Shaped Valentine’s day box of chocolates.
  • Pop the cork of your favorite Champagne or Prosecco and pour into beautiful crystal Champagne flutes.
  • Now climb in the bath with your loved one and relax.  Savor the bubbly, close your eyes and be in that warm and special place that will give you the ultimate feeling of love and peace.

(Note:  When you are finished your bath, remove the botanicals before draining.)

How can you not enjoy this incredible experience on Valentine’s day.  Also, remember that there are other great celebrations coming up that will make our Trio of bath salts – SootheChill and Float a perfect gift for Birthdays or Mother’s day.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of these great products from us at Kismet Essentials.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Paul Baluch