*NEW* Wild One Restoring Mist Spray

Escape to the wild with our newest mist spray, wild one.

We're excited to introduce you to our new addition to the Kismet family! Wild One is a blend of purified water, witch hazel, coconut oil, palo santo essential oil and pine essential oil. It can be used to spritz your face to give it a natural glow, as a room spray to cleanse your surroundings, or can be sprayed throughout the day to uplift your mind and spirit. 


The witch hazel and coconut oil come with a number of benefits for your skin. Since witch hazel acts as a natural astringent while coconut oil is extremely hydrating, together they create the softest of natural glows so it appears your skin is glowing from within. We've designed each of our mists to be extremely versatile, so feel free to use this however you like. You can use Wild One as a toner in the morning, to set your makeup, or even just as a face spritz when you need an uplifting burst of energy. 


Wild One was released just in time for fall and winter days. Palo Santo is a naturally cleansing scent while Pine has uplifting and energizing properties to it. The scent is inspired by long walks through the woods, slow Sunday mornings, crisp cool days, and is designed to restore your mind and re-energize your spirit throughout the day. 


Escape to the the wild and try it for yourself by adding it to your daily rituals here.

Paul Baluch