Why We Decided To Make A Coconut Oil Pulling Kit


Often people ask us- “Why did you choose to make an coconut oil pulling kit?” and “What made you think of selling this product?” The answer to this question isn’t always straight forward, just because there really are so many different reasons why we decided to move forward with Coco Rinse. 


A Healthy Alternative

First off, we wanted to offer our customers a healthier alternative to something they were already using. Our world is full of chemicals, toxins, additives, sulfates, parabens… the list goes on and on. It starts to become almost impossible to keep track of everything that is hidden in the air we breathe, our food, our home, and our ‘health’ and beauty products. We can barely pronounce the ingredient list on our old teeth whitener. We only work with the best quality, all natural ingredients. Our coconut oil is organic, virgin, cold-pressed, non-GMO, and fair trade.


Visible Results

We also wanted to make sure our product was useful and would produce visible results. Oil pulling really is one of those things that can make you feel good from the inside out. Yes, of course when your teeth are whiter, and your breath fresher you feel better about yourself. But oil pulling comes with so many other additional benefits that you will start to notice over time.  Everyone is different, but the majority of our customers report clearer skin, improved digestion, better immune systems and reduced headaches to name a few other awesome benefits. Oil pulling can even help to cure your hangover!


A Unique Product

Finally, we wanted to provide a unique product that was easy to incorporate into our customers’ healthy lifestyle. Our no mess, easy tear sachets are perfect to bring on the go with you. Throw them in your purse, yoga bag, or travel anywhere you want with them (they are even airport friendly!). Oil pulling is so easy to do while you go about your regular morning routine. It is also very relaxing and we are positive that it will soon become a habit that you look forward to doing everyday.