Welcome to Kismet Essentials!

Thanks for visiting Kismet Essentials! We are so excited to have you here with us. To start, let us introduce ourselves. We are a company from Vancouver, BC, Canada. We always try our best to use natural based products in our own lives and we wanted our customers to be able to do the same. 


The Essentials For a Healthy Life

With that goal in mind, we intend to provide you with the essentials to help you enjoy a naturally healthy and beautiful life. We want you to feel good about what you are bringing into your home and putting into your body. Please check out the first product we will be offering, a 14 Day Oil Pulling Kit called Coco Rinse! We are so excited to be able to offer this product to you! It is an all natural and organic way to get whiter teeth, fresher breath, and a healthier smile


What Is Oil Pulling?

In case you haven’t heard of oil pulling, we will fill you in. Oil pulling is when you take an oil (usually coconut oil), and put it in your mouth for 10-20 minutes, swirling the oil around and pulling it through your teeth. Afterwards, you brush and floss as usual. The oil works as a detoxifying agent, and is actually able to “pull” many of the toxins out of your mouth. The result? Whiter teeth, fresher breath and many other countless benefits! Feel free to browse our website to learn more and order your Coco Rinse today!