Can You Whiten Your Teeth if You Have Braces?

We can't all be born with a perfect smile, and sometimes trying to keep your mouth in tip-top shape requires a little bit of help from braces. Which begs the question: Is oil pulling safe and effective if even if we have to wear them?

Of course! Not only is oil pulling while wearing braces safe and easy to do, but using Coco Rinse can be your very best option when it comes whitening your smile and staying fresh, if oil pulling is done regularly.

Wearing braces can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to keeping your smile looking its best. Fortunately, using the oil pulling method while wearing them is virtually no different than using it if you don't wear them.


What Makes Oil Pulling a Good Whitening Option While Wearing Braces?


It can be hard to reach around all those extra nooks and crannies in your mouth that come along with wearing braces. With the option of Invisalign braces these days, the challenge is minimal because you can simply pop them out when you eat or clean your teeth, be it brushing or oil pulling. But many people still opt for metal braces for various reasons. Wearing metal braces can make whitening your teeth seem like a huge chore. The most common method of whitening that springs to mind is usually the use of Whitestrips. But trying to put those over braces (and getting them to stay put once they're on there!), is nearly impossible.

With all those bumps and corners on your teeth, you're not getting as much out of them as you should be. Other whitening methods using bleach can be damaging to your braces, since they're more likely to wear down the elastics on them than actually whiten efficiently. (And that could mean an extra trip to the dentist.) When you oil pull while wearing braces, the oil gets sucked into all the little spaces between your teeth and gums, as well as the spots your toothbrush has a hard time reaching between your braces. As you rinse your mouth with coconut oil, the bacteria living in your teeth and gums gets broken down and mixes with the oil, which makes getting rid of them a cinch! Simply swish and spit, and it's bye bye bugs!


Creating a Healthy Environment in Your Mouth Using Oil Pulling is Your Best Bet


Wearing braces potentially creates so many more places for toxins and bacteria to hide in your mouth. Oil pulling will effectively rid your mouth of them and help to create a clean, antiseptic environment - the ideal conditions to show off how straight and sparkly your teeth are when those braces finally come off. And since braces can sometimes make teeth stains even more tricky to handle, oil pulling is a natural choice to keep your smile shining bright. Oh how beautiful you'll be!

Paul Baluch