How To Get Healthier Gums By Oil Pulling

Aside from the obvious (brushing, flossing, visiting your dentist), oil pulling can play a major role in your oral health, specifically when it comes to your gums. Studies show that up to 3/4 of Americans have gum disease and don't even know it! Scary, right?

So what does that mean - gum disease? How bad can it be if so many people don't even know they have it? You'd be surprised! It's what gum disease can lead to that should be cause for concern. Improper care of your teeth and gums can lead to things like heart attack, stroke, kidney disease and even cancer!


How Does Oil Pulling Positively Affect Gum Health?


Keeping your mouth free and clear of bacteria by oil pulling, helps clear blocked pathways in your mouth that your saliva needs to travel. Your saliva helps prevent gum disease and cavities from forming. Also, the minerals found in saliva help to replenish and protect your teeth.

Oil pulling helps to detoxify your mouth in a gentle, yet efficient way by drawing microbes from their hiding places and keeping them from doing any damage. And by using all natural coconut oil (which is chocked full of Vitamin D), your teeth will strengthen and harden, which reduces pores in their surface - another place where bacteria like to hide.

So by helping to prevent gum disease in the first place, you're lessening the risk of all those other bad things. In the short term, oil pulling will also help to heal sensitive, inflamed and bleeding gums, as well as prevent gingivitis and tooth decay. Rinsing with coconut oil has also been proven to protect against yeast infections stemming from a compromised immune system.


How to Get the Most Out of Oil Pulling


Oil pulling has been used for literally thousands of years Why? Because it works! It's still one of the best preventative measures you can take to rid your mouth of potentially dangerous bacteria, and promote healthy gums. Oil pulling makes a great (and much better tasting!) alternative to mouthwash, and is fantastic to supplement brushing when it comes to maintaining your oral health.

In a way, using oil to rinse your mouth can be compared to doing dishes. In the same way that dishsoap breaks down dried food stuck to your plate, pulling with our Cool Mint Coco Rinse will break down the scum stuck to the inside of your mouth and leave your breath with a fresh, minty taste. All it takes is a small amount of oil and 10 to 20 minutes of swishing. In that time, bacteria will dissolve with the oil and saliva in your mouth, and you can simply spit them out. Remember to always spit in the trash to avoid clogging your drain!

Paul Baluch