Can Oil Pulling Improve Your Immunity?

There are so many potential benefits to oil pulling that it should be a no-brainer to making it part of your morning routine. But aside from the obvious perk like a whiter smile, what can oil pulling actually accomplish? You might be surprised to learn that it's about more than just looking good and keeping your breath kissably fresh (although that's pretty important!)

The amazing thing about our Coco Rinse is actually not what it's doing for you on the outside, but the magic it's working on the inside. Yup, aside from garnering you compliments, our minty Coco Rinse is helping your body to stay on the right track and run like a well oiled machine (Aren't we punny?)

Oil pulling is the gentlest detox method you can use to keep your body in check. While not only contributing to your oral health, the benefits of oil pulling range from the small, like soothing sore throats, clearing out excess mucus and fighting colds; to the crucial, such as helping to prevent heart and kidney diseases.

Since Cold and Flu Season is making its way upon us, we thought we'd give you a quick run down of what you can expect to gain from oil pulling, and how it might help you stifle those sniffles. Read on, Friends!


How is Oil Pulling Effective at Fighting Colds?


Oil pulling works by breaking down toxins and bacteria found in your mouth. Coconut oil specifically, contains large amounts of lauric acid, which works by sucking the bacteria out of your teeth and gums and dissolving them. These then bond with the oil in your mouth as you swish it around, and get spit out when you're finished.

How does that relate to a cold? The virus responsible for that cold going around doesn't stand a chance when it's dissolved before it can do any damage. That means, no sore throats and no stuffy noses!


How Else Does Oil Pulling Affect Your Immunity?


There are literally thousands (maybe even billions!) of bacteria living in your mouth. Some of them are good, but most of them are just waiting for the chance to travel through your bloodstream and stop at all the sights. Rinsing with coconut oil exposes those nasty bugs to an antiseptic environment that effectively hinders their progress.

These bacteria, if not taken care of, can result in a whole host of problems for your body. That's what makes oil pulling a major player when it comes to the health game. When practiced consistently, you're actively helping to prevent:

- Sinusitis

- Bronchitis

- Allergy symptoms

- Joint pain (including symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis)

- Back pain

- Migraines

- Chronic skin ailments

- Hormonal disorders

- Diabetes

- Heart Disease

- Kidney Disease

And that's just to name a few! Not only will oil pulling with coconut oil help prevent the bad, but it will also aid in the good. Your immune system is constantly at war with the various toxins entering your system. Oil pulling will support your immune health by giving it a leg up on the number of bad guys it's battling. It will also help balance hormones, increase your energy, support your thyroid gland and maintain a healthy metabolism. (Yes - all of that!)


Oil Pulling Lends a Helping Hand


These days, life gets busy. Sometimes too busy for you to find the time to take care of yourself like you should. Although things like eating right and getting enough rest are high on most of our lists, it's often easier said than done. Combine lack of sleep with a poor diet and all the stress most of us seem to be under these days, and it can become far more difficult for your immune system to fight all those thousands of viruses and toxins. Oil pulling can cut those number down dramatically and keep most of them from doing you any real harm. With less stress on your immune system and your hormones balanced accordingly, possibly the most instantly satisfying benefit oil pulling has to offer, is a good night's rest. And since your body does the majority of its healing and renewing while you're asleep, a little shut-eye can go a long way. Zzz... 


Paul Baluch