How To Oil Pull in 5 Easy Steps

Oil Pulling is Easy and Simple To Do


Oil Pulling is seriously easy and such a simple practice to start doing today. If you have a jar of coconut oil at home, you can use that, or you can try out our mint flavoured oil pulling kit, Coco Rinse. Today we’re going to cover how to oil pull in five easy steps using our Coco Rinse Cool Mint Oil Pulling Kit for those of you who aren’t familiar with how to use it. Keep reading if you want to find out just how easy oil pulling is to do at home or on the go!


Let’s Get Started!


1. Prepare Sachet 


Grab your box of Coco Rinse and decide if you want to use your oil in a solid or liquid form. Since coconut oil is hard when it is stored in cooler conditions, it might have solidified. We find in general it is easier to start oil pulling if the oil is in liquid form, so you don’t have to wait for it to melt in your mouth (which can be a weird sensation at first). To liquefy your oil if it is hard, run it under hot water first for a few moments to warm it up and help it melt. 


2. Open Sachet


If you ran your sachet under hot water, you might need scissors for this step. Open your sachet using scissors or tear open with your hands if the sachet is not too slippery. 


3. Swirl Coco Rinse Around in Your Mouth


Swirl, pull and swish Coco Rinse around in your mouth for 20 minutes. If you are just starting out and want to work your way up to 20 minutes, that’s totally fine! Every day, aim to oil pull for longer and longer until you reach 20 minutes to maximize the benefits. Make sure to do this gently. There’s no need to tire yourself (or your jaw) out!


4. Spit Oil Out


Spit out your oil after you’ve pulled for 10-20 minutes. Make sure to spit out the oil into a garbage can, compost bin, or into a tissue paper. DO NOT spit the oil into your sink as doing this repeatedly can clog your drain and pipes when the coconut oil hardens up in cold conditions. 


5.  Brush and Floss as Usual


After you’ve spit out Coco Rinse, brush and floss your teeth as you normally would. Remember, oil pulling is meant to compliment these practices, not replace them entirely! Plus, brushing and flossing after oil pulling will help to remove all that nasty plaque and tartar the coconut oil will have loosened up and cut down on while you were pulling. 


Easy as 1,2,3,4,5!


Well, there you have it: how to oil pull in five easy steps. It really can’t get much easier than that! Happy pulling everyone!