How Long Should You Keep Oil Pulling For?


So you've gotten the hang of oil pulling by now, and you might be a week or two in and find yourself thinking, “So how do I know when to stop..?” Well here's the good news – you don't have to!


Our Cool Mint Oil Pulling Kit is a great introduction to oil pulling that will have you start seeing results in two weeks. However, with so many benefits oil pulling has to offer, there really is no need to give it up after the two-week mark. 


The longer you oil pull for, the more and more benefits you'll reap over time. Coconut oil is 100% natural and good for you in so many ways! It only makes sense that you'd want to continue using it every day. 




Many people who have chosen to incorporate oil pulling into their daily health regimen, have been doing so for years, with no plans to stop. Think of it this way: Will you stop brushing your teeth in a week? Two weeks? How about a year? Of course not.


Oral hygiene is an ongoing commitment and is directly linked to your overall health. The toxins and bacteria found in your mouth can be eliminated by oil pulling on a regular basis, keeping them from making their way further into your system.


The trick to getting healthy and staying healthy is maintenance. Keeping your mouth clear of those toxins is a vital step in maintaining your health. The most important thing when it comes to preventing many common health ailments, is regulating the body's balance of good versus bad bacteria.


When you draw out (and spit out!) all the toxins hanging around in your mouth, it keeps them from causing  problems with your gut health in the first place. If those toxins get the chance to enter your stomach, they can wreak havoc on everything from skin to getting a good night's sleep, and just about everything in between. The best way to prevent potential problems is to stop bacteria from getting any further using the oil pulling method.


So relax! Do your thing and oil pull to your heart's content. Keep those pearly whites sparkling, your breath fresh, and those bacteria at bay. Consider coconut oil pulling 'The Gift That Keeps on Giving’ or sign up to get Coco Rinse delivered to your door once a month, which is a great way to keep seeing results without breaking the bank! The first benefits will be evident in two weeks and will only increase with time. Imagine how fabulous you'll feel 10 years from now!