Can Oil Pulling Improve Your Skin?


We know all about how oil pulling can keep your mouth clean, and your teeth and gums healthy, but have you ever wondered if it's doing anything else for you that you can actually see? The answer is Yes – absolutely!


It's a pretty well-known fact that coconut oil has about a million (we're estimating!) uses when it comes to health and beauty; but how exactly is it doing you any favours when you're swishing it around in your mouth?


The secret lies in what coconut oil is made up of. About half of the fatty acids found in coconut oil called Lauric Acid, which is a powerful ally when it comes to destroying bad bacteria and toxins found in your mouth.


How Does Oil Pulling Play A Role In Skin Care?


The majority of skin problems start on the inside. An imbalance of the bacteria in your digestive system can cause a variety of problems, including acne, rosacea, dermatitis and psoriasis. One of your best tools when it comes to fighting problem skin can be oil pulling, because simply put, the bacteria responsible for it can't affect you if it can't get to you!


When you're oil pulling, you're drawing germs out of your mouth and expelling them out of your body. This keeps your digestive bacteria levels in check, which keeps your hormones in check, which keeps illness in check, which keeps... (you get the idea!) Think of your mouth as a gateway to the inside of your body. The key to your health and well-being is in large part, prevention!


What Can Oil Pulling Do For Your Skin?


With all those nasty bacteria out of the way, you can rest easy knowing your system isn't overloaded with germs and struggling to balance itself out. This gives your body the ideal conditions to do what it's designed to do – keep you healthy and beautiful!


If you are oil pulling on a regular basis, you'll soon start to see these amazing benefits firsthand. With your body's system free to work its magic without having to focus on getting rid of toxins and unwanted germs, you'll start to see major improvements in your skin in as little as two weeks.


Improve Your Acne, Rashes, Psoriasis, Eczema and More With Oil Pulling


Toxins in your body play a major role in the condition of your skin. After trying our Cool Mint Coco Rinse, you'll probably be getting a lot more compliments than just how fresh your breath is! Problem skin can clear up over time – rashes can disappear and acne can lessen. Scars from acne or psoriasis can even out, as your skin is able to heal and regenerate itself more efficiently.


Oil Pulling May Help You Sleep Better and Get Better Skin


Another benefit of coconut oil to keep in mind while oil pulling is its power to fight insomnia. Better bacterial balance (say that three times fast!) in your digestive system, will help ensure you get a good night's rest. Sleeping well is essential for any beauty routine. When you are sleeping is when your body works its hardest at shedding those old layers and regenerating with soft, fresh skin, and soothing chapped lips.


Increase Blood Flow to Your Face


Not only will oil pulling help your skin from the inside out, but exercising those jaw muscles will also encourage bloodflow to your face, which can help tighten your skin and smooth out those smile lines. Although when such a simple thing can do so much good, you'll probably be smiling more anyway!


What Are You Waiting For? Start Oil Pulling Today For Glowing Skin!


Really, how many more reasons do we need to love oil pulling? It's such a simple, easy way to help you feel gorgeous head-to-toe, from the inside, out. Grab a box of our Coco Rinse and give it a go. Give yourself 10-20 minutes and start swishing your way to beautiful, glowing skin!