10 Wonderful Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

By Marion Shaw


This beautiful pink salt crystal, derived from ancient sea salt deposits is often referred to as “Pink Gold”, and we couldn't agree more! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt and how it can have a positive effect on your body.


1. Increase Your Minerals:  Himalayan Pink Salt is the purest form of salt on the planet.  Throw away your salt shaker and switch to this magic pink version and forget the mineral supplements.  Himalayan Pink Salt contains all of the 84 elements found in the body.


2. Soothe Eczema:   Soaking in a bath laden with Himalayan Pink Salt will rapidly reduce those itchy flaky and sometimes oozy patches of skin that you may be suffering from because of Eczema.  It’s soothing and antiseptic qualities will also help to prevent infection.  Take a bath with 2 – 3 cups of Himalayan Pink Salt before bedtime to stop the itching. Even better, try our Soothe Salt Soak, which is enhanced with ylang-ylang essential oil and mixed with dried rose petals for a luxurious bath experience. 


3. Digestive Aid:   When used in place of regular table salt, Himalayan Pink Salt can help your digestion.  Unlike regular salt, Himalayan Pink Salt does not promote high blood pressure when used in the same amounts.


4. Skin Moisturizer:   Splash your face with warm water containing dissolved Himalayan Pink Salt to increase the hydration level.  For even better results, follow with coconut oil to increase the moisture level and seal it in. 


5. Promote Alkalinity:  Increasing the alkalinity in your body is thought to help to prevent disease including different types of cancer.  You can also try it out as an antacid – once again, throw away the Tums.


6. Relieve Sinus Congestion:   Using Himalayan Pink Salts  either in an Neti Pot or mixed with water on a cloth placed over the face can significantly relieve your congested sinuses and improve your lung capacity.  Many clinics have tested this wonderful salt and reported amazing results for their patients. 


7. Detoxify Your Body:   Soaking in a hot bath infused with our Soothe Salt Soak will not only relax and soothe your skin, but also helps to pull out those built up toxins trapped in your body.  


8. Relieve Muscle Soreness:   Feeling achy and sore?  A hot bath is always soothing, but often the cause of the aches and pains is a lack of magnesium, which is often depleted during hard exercise.  Once again, our Soothe Salt Soak  dissolved in hot water will replenish that mineral, along with many others, to help soothe away the soreness. 


9. Keep Your Bones Strong: Did you know that by increasing your mineral and magnesium levels you are also supporting healthy bone strength? Himalayan Pink Salt contains 84 trace minerals and is high in magnesium so make sure to incorporate it into your diet to help keep your bones strong as possible as you age. 


10. Improve Sleep Quality: Due to the high amounts of trace minerals and magnesium, Pink Himalayan Salt can also help to improve your quality of sleep. Low magnesium levels have been linked to poor sleep quality, so make sure to incorporate it into your diet when you can to help achieve sweet dreams.


Well, there you have it! Those are some of the ways you can help and benefit your body with Himalayan Pink Salts.  Pick some up today, or try out our Soothe Salt Soak and make sure to share with us some of your favourite ways to use them!